Work Samples

I wouldn't eat the strawberries-5.jpg

I wouldn’t eat the strawberries…

instrumental and/or vocal trio (2015)

I wouldn’t eat the strawberries…, though chaotic at times, brings people together in a unique, inimitable way.  Members of the ensemble communicate and understand each other in new ways as events that occur during a performance drive the pacing and form of the piece.  The total result is a unique, continually evolving sense of ensemble.  The pizza is probably also worth avoiding.

Getting across town

one or more performers of any type (2017)

Getting across town is a work in which performers interpret diverse verbs and linear images that are organized in a variously-navigable network.

Getting across town.jpg

the ongoing process-6.jpg

the ongoing process

laptop duo (2012)

the ongoing process is a work for two live electronics (laptop) composer-performers who employ recordings of their own compositions as the source sound material for a given performance.  Responding to a series of network-based graphic images, each performer manipulates and shapes the presentation of their own work while also interfering with and distorting the activities of the other performer.


a user-driven installation (2014)

Inspired by John Baldessari’s Cremation Project, Confessional is a user-driven installation that provides the opportunity for composers to briefly take pleasure in and then (symbolically) destroy a recording of one of their less-than-fantastic creations. Using computer, the installation’s audio processing mirrors phases of animal decomposition, ultimately rendering the user’s piece into imperceptible bits of noise.


White Oak 2017.jpg

invasion/symbiosis (III)

electro-acoustic sound (2012)

invasion/symbiosis (III) is an opportunity to Create A Gem of an Electro-acoustic work. One begins realizing this work by recording sounds in and around their home, including automobile traffic, “nature,” and mushrooms cooking. Nearly all aspects of how these recordings are edited and arranged are governed by chance operations. Sounds are not further modified and silence is not feared.