Large Ensemble

OBJECTIFICATION [cc1] for chamber string orchestra (2014)

cooperation/convolution for medium to large instrumental and/or vocal ensemble (2009)

Open (any number of performers)

of something for one or more performers of any type (2019)

Getting across town for one or more performers of any type (2017)

Becoming...again for one or more performers (2014)

Chamber Ensemble

Animal Magnetism (III) for violin and trombone (2019)

Animal Magnetism (II) for saxophone and double bass (2019)

Animal Magnetism for clarinet and cello (2019)

and everything in between for brass quintet (2018)

isolation/feedback [BSN] for bassoon quartet (2016)

Should we have called a park ranger? for saxophone and three toy pianos (2016)

I wouldn't eat the strawberries... for instrumental and/or vocal trio (2015)

black out the windows for five to eight performers of any type (2015)

isolation/feedback [CL] for clarinet quartet (2014)

isolation/feedback [SD] for snare drum quartet (2014)

Bob's Party for instrumental and/or vocal quartet (2013)

isolation/feedback [TBN] for trombone quartet (2009)

isolation/feedback [ST] for string quartet (2008)

Hand Leg Suit for mixed instrumental ensemble (2003)

Replication [TBN] for solo trombone (2017)

Replication [VC] for solo cello (2014)

Replication [CB] for solo double bass (2013)

Replication [CBCL] for solo contrabass clarinet (2013)

Twelve Actions for solo performer (2009)


Performed Electro-Acoustic

the ongoing process for laptop duo (2012)

invasion/symbiosis (II) for (optional) instrument and electro-acoustic sound (2012)

invasion/symbiosis (I) for instrument and electro-acoustic sound (2010)

Reconstruction for solo performer with found object and live electronics (2009)

Assemblage for solo performer with found objects and live electronics (2007)

Bit of nostalgia... for one or two percussionists and live electronics performer (2006)

Study 7b - stereo electro-acoustic sound (2014)

invasion/symbiosis (III) - multichannel electro-acoustic sound (2012)

Carnival - stereophonic computer-generated sound (2003)

Four Noise Etudes - stereophonic computer-generated sound (2002)

Fixed Electro-Acoustic

Confessional - a user-driven audio and visual installation (2014)

this inversion is expected to persist - a pre-concert performance installation (2011)

Breaking that awkward silence- an elevator installation for solo performer (2008)

Friday May 18 - a multimedia event for three or more performers (2007, with S. Lilly)

Bathroom 1900 - a collaborative, site-specific work with three dancers (2006)

Becoming...everything else - an installation for three or more performers (2004)

Site-Specific and Installation